Monday, August 11, 2014

Reckless Cakes at Red Horse Coffee Traders

We started our morning at Red Horse Coffee Traders on Saturday with Reckless Cakes (stuffed Corn Cakes). They were amazingly delicious. I think I may need to see if I can find a recipe for these.  They were unique and tasty and could be eaten any time of day.  I had the corn cakes filled with bacon and cheese (minus the chives).  Anthony had two corn cakes one with the bacon and cheese and the second one was vegetarian with beans and vegetables.  His also had scrambled eggs in the middle and they were topped with savory sour cream and salsa.  I wanted my topping to be sweet so selected a side of maple syrup.
Anthony zipped off for a quick hair cut at an old fashioned barber down the street while I enjoyed reading a few pages of a novel on my Kindle Fire and listened to the stream flowing while sitting in the shade. This was really the perfect start to our Blues and Brews morning.

Friday Night Dinner and Blues in Joseph Oregon

We were thrilled on Friday night after checking into the East Street Cottages (located in town which allowed us to walk everywhere) to discover that the Embers Brew House was hosting Jimmy Lloyd Rea and the Switch Masters. We enjoyed their style of Blues at a prior Bronze Blues and Brews festival and knew they were not part of the line up for this years event.

The restaurant was completely packed both inside and out but we somehow managed to snag the last table for two as there were a lot of larger groups waiting for tables to open up.  The music was great and even though Anthony had heard that Jimmy Lloyd Rea was in poor health you would have never known it to hear him jam on the guitar and sing.   They definitely rocked the house while we enjoyed dinner.  This was really an added unexpected bonus to our weekend in Joseph.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Motorcycle Ride to Joseph Oregon via Hells Canyon

On Friday Anthony and I rode to Joesph, Oregon via Hells Canyon. This was our maiden voyage on the new motorcycle riding as a couple. On short rides I ride my own motorcycle but I have been really looking forward to a longer trip together on the Ultra Classic.  Anthony's previous bike was a Road Star and it honestly was not very comfortable for me on the back as it featured a very small back rest and seat.  The Ultra Classic features a full back seat (your buns are supported) and a complete backrest instead of a small one in the middle of your back.  It was like sitting in a real chair.  

It was a wonderful ride on my back (very comfortable) and it gave me an opportunity to sight-see that I do not get when I normally ride (because I am busy watching the road and mentally dealing with the technicality of the turns).   There is a lot going on when you ride your own motorcycle and sight seeing is best left to pulling over and taking a good long look around vs. trying to do it while you drive.

If you have never been on the back of a motorcycle before here is your opportunity to live vicariously via my back seat snap shots. In one you can even see me in the reflection of Anthony's helmet. It was a beautiful ride and perfect start to a great weekend. Hay look there's a cow in the road! Beep! Beep!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures While Camping

Camping affords me many guilty pleasures without all the distractions that I normally face during the week.  At home I have many chores, errands and duties that distract me from slowing down and savoring the moment.  But when we camp I am able to leave all of those behind.

Some of my favorite guilty pleasures at camp are naps with the dogs after hiking (everything I have learned about napping Raisin and Jay have taught me), sharing specialty marshmallows with Tony Dally over our evening camp fire (S'Mores and Chocolate Indulgence flavors from 240Sweet), reading magazines, starting a new novel (currently reading Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo), taking a dip in the creek (very chilly but refreshing), carving a Steampunk themed stamp and just unwinding. If only we all had time to focus on our guilty pleasure more often.  None of my guilty pleasures are expensive or unique but they are so delicious!

Polecat Trail Hiking Loop - Ridge to Rivers

This morning Anthony and I hiked the Ridge to Rivers, Gulch Reserve - Polecat Trail Loop (#81) marked in dark blue on the map. We entered the loop from North Pierce Park Lane/Cartwright Road in the upper right hand corner of the map.

The loop is approximately 6 miles with 1,000 feet of elevation gain. It features gently traversed sagebrush-covered hillsides and walking on the high ridges offers views of Boise National Forest and the Treasure Valley below. This is a popular trail for hikers, joggers and mountain bikes. Horses are allowed too but we did not see any this morning. 

Since the temperatures were rising quickly, there is no shade or free flowing water (streams or rivers) Raisin and Jay were sidelined this morning. Also this is a dogs "on-leash" trail which would not have been as fun for them. This mornings wildlife viewing was limited to insects (dragonflies and grasshoppers) and little song birds and hummingbirds.   Although we did not see any I believe that deer, coyotes and larger birds of prey make this area their home too.  Since we started our hike around 8:00 a.m. and it was already over 70 degrees I think most of the wildlife was probably starting their search for water and shade.

We enjoyed breakfast at Barryhill Bacon downtown after our hike.  All I could think about the last mile was how much I wanted some cold iced tea and Barryhill Bacon.  A great motivator to get back to the truck.  

Ridge to Rivers -

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