Sunday, December 7, 2014

Signature Stamp for Spicegirl

Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) has been teaching her mother Spicegirl (Ginger) about Letterboxing this past fall.  Since Kelly does not carve Ginger sent me a quick text asking if I could carve her a signature stamp.  I was more than happy to help but an image has alluded me completely since October.  Ginger is a fun and spunky gal and I know her trail name is a play on words since her first name is a spice.  But each time I looked up Spice Girl all I got were images of the Spice Girls (specifically Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls).  When I looked up images of ginger all I found were images of the root and ground spice.  Not very promising.  I finally decided to look for an image that was a bit more Betty Boop'ish.  I like her friskiness and she is always flirty and fun.  I found the image above and liked it because the waves in her hair were thicker than most Betty Boop images.  I did need to trim it down to mostly a head shot as her dress was long and the image would have been too large for most log books.  This one is still a bit large but for a first signature stamp I think it will work.  We have plenty of time to carve more and to keep looking for something a bit more in line with her trail name.  I am probably not the best person to carve stamps that match trail names as mine has nothing to do with my trail name (but more to do with me personally as a Halloween addict).  I think it just need to be an image you like.  I also whipped together a snazzy logbook for her.  I was tempted to make some LTC's but I think I will leave that in Kelly and Ginger's hands.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello Kitty Santa's Helper LTC

 Deciding on the perfect color of embossing powder for the cards. 
I didn't have a green embossing powder as dark as I would have liked so I stamped the image in black ink and then added the Sea Mist Pearls embossing powder.  The combination of the dark ink and the light powder gave me the dark green I was hoping for.

Each image appears to be unique as the background paper from Tim Holtz adds a lot of holiday fun behind the image.

I still needed the image to pop just a bit so it did not completely blend into the background.  I added some color using my Copic Markers selecting colors that were just a bit brighter then the actual colors in the paper.

After mounting the Tim Holtz Christmas paper to a sea foam colored background card stock I added a layer of Sparkle Glaze to the cards (Delta Ceramcoat).  When dry this adds a clear iridescent sparkle to each of the LTC's.  I will allow this to dry overnight but if you want to add another coat you should wait about 20 to 30 minutes between applications.

The LTC's in the process of drying.  Each is unique as the colors of the printed paper behind Santa's Helper is slightly different.  You can't see the iridescent sparkle very well in the pictures but in person it is very obvious without detracting from the actual carving or card as a whole.  It gives just the right amount of holiday sparkle to the cards.

This stamp and the LTC cards were created for the Art of Christmas LTC Tracker hosted by Shark Boy and Lava Girl.  I was not feeling inspired by any particular Christmas images so when in doubt my motto is "Carve a Kitty - Hello Kitty That Is."  You can never have enough Hello Kitty's floating around and with my Traveling Even Box of Hello Kitty images there is always room for one more.  I have also discovered that there is a Hello Kitty for every occasion. 

Festival of Trees 2014

Today I attended the Saint Alphonsus Festival of Trees 2014 Fashion Show & Luncheon with a group from work.  This was the 31st year of the Festival of Trees.  Traditionally I would visit with my family during the Thanksgiving weekend but as the boys have grown up they have lost interest in attending so now I really look forward to going with a great bunch of gals from work.

In addition to STARS/RMA sponsoring a table we also have a sponsored tree each year to help support Saint Alphonsus.  This year Tiffany and Diann decorated a tree using the Children's book The Mitten by Jan Brett.  It really turned out adorable with all the characters and the little mittens on the tree.  I don't want to brag but the book has always been a favorite and they did such an amazing job bringing it to life.  Great concept and execution! 

I keep thinking that I will carve a special stamp for this event and have it out only during the festival and then it rolls around each year and I totally forget to get one carved until I am down there enjoying the splendor.  Who knows maybe I will remember next year.

There was also this really cute North Pole Faery House on display with the smaller trees and the entire time I kept thinking that the other Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) could have totally rocked it as she made our amazing faery gardens for our Faery themed event two years ago.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

There Has Been an Awakening Have You Felt It

The Dark Side and The Light Side...

Star Wars - The Letterboxing Force Awakens - 2015 Event
Hosted by Blackvelvetrav & Pixie Dust Gal

Friday December 18, 2015 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Boise, Idaho (Exact Location TBD)
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

It is a period of winter Letterboxing desolation. Rebel
spaceships manned by Princess Pixie Dust Gal, striking
from a hidden base, have won their first victory
against the evil Letterbox stealing Muggles.

During the battle, Jedi Blackvelvetrav managed
to steal secret plans to the Empire's
ultimate weapon, careless Muggle families,
armored Letterbox stamp stealers with enough
power to destroy the entire Idaho Letterboxing

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Pixie Dust Gal
and Jedi Blackvelvetrav race to host an epic interstellar
Star Wars Letterboxing event to save their Letterboxing friends
and restore Letterboxing freedom to the galaxy...

A confirmed release date of December 18, 2015, has been set for Lucas film’s highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. We are in the process of planning an event with indoor and outdoor Letterboxing top secret rebel missions (based on weather conditions) and are working on extended plans to attend the movie premier (as a group for those who are interested) after the event. Advanced movie ticket purchases will be required for those wishing to attend the movie release. This may or may not also involve waiting in line to enter the theater depending on the general public’s response to the release.

Shine your helmets, charge your light sabers, bush your fur and tighten your hair buns as costumes from both the light and dark forces will be encouraged.

As we are firming up event plans we may or may not extend our plans from one day to two days (one event day and one movie day if we cannot accommodate all plans into a single action packed date), location to be announced as well as nourishment updates and other out of this world details to come in 2015.

Stay tuned for your next droid transmission...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Day 5k Walk and Run Boise 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!  This morning Anthony, Raisin, Jay and I drove to downtown Boise to participate in the Turkey Day Boise 5K Walk/Run with the Boise Hiking with Dogs Meet Up Group.  We were really fortunate to have temperatures over 40 degrees and although the sky were cloudy the rain held back for the entire walk.  Miss. Raisin was a bit nasty to a few dogs but Anthony had a tight hold on her when she was not being nice. Sarah Long (from work) also signed up for the walk as she is part of the same hiking group.  We didn't see any other folks from work participating but there were hundreds and hundreds of participants so there is no way to know if there were others there that we knew or not.

After the event we drove over to our neighborhood Starbucks to wish Margaret my favorite Barista a Happy Thanksgiving.  She was stuck working until 2 p.m. so we brought her a little holiday cheer.  I was stunned at how busy all the Starbucks were in town.  We drove by several and they were slammed.  I counted 6 employees working at the one on McMillan and Eagle.  They were all smiles and holiday cheer even thought they were stuck working.  Thank you for the sacrifice to keep us caffeinated! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Personal Traveler Carved by FloridaFour

I try not to covet other Letterbox carvers hand carved stamps but on occasion a stamp just captures my eye and it is love at first sight.  I know so many talented carvers that are generous with their talent, knowledge and skills.  Andrea of FloridaFour is one of those.  She was a contributor of Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC's) in a recent tracker exchange called Bloodless Halloween.  We each created 10 LTC's and then sent them to Shark Boy and Lava Girl.  They sorted and mailed back a set of LTC's to each contributor.  In return for our art we receive back 9 cards by other artist.  If you have the time it is a wonderful way to stay inspired and share tips, tricks and ideas with other Letterboxers.

FloridaFour and I exchanged a few e-mail about how much I loved her crow carving.  She was not sure about planting it with such a busy schedule.  I mentioned that I was eyeballing it for a Personal Traveler and then next thing I know it's Christmas in my mailbox.  Not only did she send me the stamp but she included a handmade card (another insanely gorgeous carving on the cover) but two additional LTC's.  One of a Crow that was for a Steampunk Art LTC and the other a self portrait.  All I can say is she is generous and amazing!

The next time my Letterboxing friends see me be sure to ask to stamp my new Personal Traveler.  I don't mess around with silly clues and puzzles.  Just ask and you shall receive! 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Hottest Couple in Town LTC - Jack Frost and Elsa

 The Jack Frost and Elsa carving is Larger than the size of an LTC.  
Only part of the original carved image is used for the actual LTC due to the size.

 Stamped and embossed part of the image on the cards using black ink and clear embossing powder.  Layered the paper using a glue stick.

 Added a thick layer of Mod Podge to the background of each card with a small paint brush.

 Dumped chunky snow glitter over the entire card.  Please note that glitter is messy business.  I am covered in it, my craft room is covered, the dogs are glittery too.  Nothing is safe from a glitter storm.
Here is the finished card once dry.  It's hard to see the glitter in the pictures but in person it has the desired glittery snow feeling I was hoping for.  If the glitter texture had been fine it would not have had the look I was hoping for. 

These LTC's are for a Valentines Tracker/Event in Maine.  I wanted a carving that was non traditional but still felt romantic.  I didn't want to use traditional Valentines colors either.  They say that sparks fly when individuals meet and feel a connection.  Well in this case I think snow flurries are swirling! 

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